Using the Xtra in Shockwave

DrawXtra can be used in Shockwave: the distribution package provides packaged Xtras that are downloaded automatically to the user's machine, and installed on demand. Xtra downloading is only available in Director 7 or later. Please consult Macromedia's web site for a complete overview of the Xtras automated download mechanism: it can be found at, technote ID 13653. The basic steps required to make DrawXtra available for download to your viewers are outlined below.

Shockwave-ready packages containing DrawXtra for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and Macintosh computers with PowerPC processors are provided with the DrawXtra distribution. These files are named drawxtra.ppc and drawxtra.w32, and they can be located inside the shockwave directory with the DrawXtra distribution files that were installed to your machine. These files need to be available in a single directory on the web server that will be used to host the download files. Example:

The files should be uploaded to the server before you can record automatic download information to your Shockwave movie. For each different movie/location you need to modify the xtrainfo.txt file in the Director folder to reference the location from which the files are expected to be downloaded. For the example above, add the following line to the xtrainfo.txt file:
[#namePPC:"DrawXtra", #nameW32:"DrawXtra.x32",#package:""]

If you are running Director you should quit the application and reload it so that the new xtrainfo.txt information is accessible. Now you need to add a reference to this Xtra package to your Director movie. Open a movie that uses DrawXtra. Open the Modify\Movie\Xtras dialog in Director, and select DrawXtra in the list of xtras. The "Download if needed" checkbox should now be enabled. (If it's not enabled, make sure the filename in xtrainfo.txt matches the actual filename for the xtra.) Click on the checkbox and Director will load information from the package file for each platform and add it to the current movie. The machine needs to be connected to the Internet in order for this process to work. You can now save the movie, and save as Shockwave to create your .dcr file, which is ready to be uploaded to the server.
Now you should test if the package information was recorded properly. Open the Shockwave file created in a browser. If DrawXtra is not currently installed in Shockwave, the xtra package will get downloaded from the location specified and a "Download Security Dialog" will be presented. Tabuleiro has signed the Xtra with Verisign, and we guarantee that it is safe to be used in Shockwave. The downloaded Xtra will be installed in a subfolder of the Shockwave Xtras folder called "download". The location of the Shockwave Xtras folder is different depending on the platform, please consult Macromedia's web site for more information about it. If a given Xtra is already present, the Xtra package will not be downloaded again.
It is important to understand that you need to modify the xtrainfo.txt to point to another location if you are authoring a different movie and require the Xtra to be downloaded from a different server. We recommend keeping the xtra packages in the same server that hosts your Shockwave content: this way you can avoid problems if the server that hosts the packages is offline or not available when someone wants to see your content.
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