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WEBXTRA 3.0 RELEASED 10/04/2000 
The latest version of WebXtra is now available from our Download page. Version 3.0 enhances WebXtra with the ability to customize scrollbars and the context menu of the main browser window, and also includes scripting access to the content control lists. WebXtra 3.0 adds supports for Internet Explorer versions 4, 5 and 5.5, including Windows 2000 with SP1. Internet Explorer 3 is NO LONGER SUPPPORTED. No modifications to your movie are required to deliver to different browser versions. Registered users of version 1.x and 2.x can purchase an upgrade to receive a new serial number to register version 3.0.  



Tabuleiro is pleased to announce the release of updated versions of DirectMediaXtra, MpegXtra and WebXtra. The updates are free to registered users of the current versions of the Xtras, and may be downloaded immediately from Tabuleiro's Xtras web site at

A trial version of the Xtras is available for download to new users. Trial versions now have the ability to save movies and create executables for evaluation, a direct response to feedback from our existing customers.

DirectMediaXtra 1.5 is the latest version of Tabuleiro's premier solution for MPEG and AVI playback on Windows using Microsoft's DirectShow interface. DirectMediaXtra is an ideal solution for MPEG1 playback on consumer-oriented projects where compatibility with existing system software is the primary concern.

MpegXtra 3.2 is the original, MCI-based solution for MPEG playback on Windows machines. The new version adds features to improve compatibility with the newest MPEG boards on the market.

WebXtra 2.1 is the easiest and most powerful way to create a browser in Director or Authorware, and include unique features to control the content that may be loaded and displayed in the browser window.



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