Nebulae MultiUserServer
Version 2.0.1  

Nebulae MultiUser Server is now OpenSMUS

On January 1st, 2009, Tabuleiro started the OpenSMUS project, a fully open-source multiuser server, compatible with the SMUS protocol and based on Nebulae MultiUserServer. Find more information about it at


Source code is available, as well as compiled packages and full documentation. The code was open sourced under a liberal MIT license, which allows both open source and commercial development.


OpenSMUS is the successor to the Nebulae server, and the initial release is based on the latest version of Nebulae, 2.0.1, incorporating almost 8 years of development history. It is being offered as a gift to the Director and Shockwave developer community, a thank-you for the almost 14 years of support we have received from this group. But it is not only that: it is also an experiment on using open source processes for collaborative development in the community.


If you are a multiuser developer, you're invited to join the OpenSMUS development process at the website above. By experimenting with this we hope to produce even more shared code and knowledge, and maybe find a way to make these efforts sustainable.


Important: commercial users of Nebulae will continue to receive priority support via our problem report system until January, 2010. After this date we recommend that all users migrate to OpenSMUS, which is currently being developed and supported by a larger community, and already have extra features for D11, like Unicode support.


Development history and changes between versions.
Archive of the latest documentation (version 2.0.1). Available in HTML and in PDF format.