xtras for director


We have been selling and supporting our Xtras since 1995, when Director 5 was released. That was the first edition of Director that could be enhanced with Xtras. But a lot has changed in the past 18 years, and Director 12 marks the point where it is no longer feasible to continue supporting and selling our products.


Registered users will continue to receive priority support for 3 months until August/2013, but no new releases of ours products are planned at this time.


As a gift to the Director community we are making a list of serial numbers for all our products available for free.

Please notice however that these come with no technical support.

Serial numberXtra name and version
ARC30-2093-0164-4074Arca Database Xtra 3
TXC50-5013-0050-3075TextCruncher Xtra 5
TRE40-5021-0003-2065TreeView Xtra 4
SFL20-2071-0004-7084ShockFiler 2
VLS20-2071-0016-7054vList Xtra 2
AUX60-5021-0129-4035AudioXtra 6
WBX50-4098-0201-3084WebXtra 5
MAX20-1030-0598-7014Mpeg Advance Xtra 2


The DOWNLOAD section contains an archive including final versions of all Xtras. These do not display a warning when loaded in Director 12, but keep in mind that the Xtras are identical in functionality to the ones originally developed and certified for Director 11.5, and some quirks may occur when using them with later versions of Director. In other words, Director 12 and later are not officially supported.


Working with the Director community has been a privilege, and we wish you all the very best!



Please check the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS page for the product you are interested in to verify the operational systems and Director versions compatible with it. Notice that the latest versions of most of our Xtras were built for Director 11 or earlier, and do not support Windows 7, OSX Lion or 64 bit systems.