I can't download the file I want. The process is aborted or I get a message "connection refused by server". What do I do?
Sometimes there are so many people connected to the Internet that the data lines become congested, like a traffic jam at rush hour. Under these circumstances a file being downloaded can "hang" for an indeterminate amount of time. Sometimes the download is aborted, which results in an incomplete download. Even if there isn't a lot of general network traffic, sometimes a Web server can become overloaded with connections. The maximum number of allowable connections may have been reached. In this case, you might receive a message from your Web browser like "Connection by server refused." This doesn't happen with Tabuleiro servers very often because we have a couple of dedicated servers hosted at a high-speed facility in the US with multiple connections to the Internet backbone. To solve the problem you can try to disconnect from and reconnect to the Internet, or try connecting again at a later time.