Upgrading Nebulae to Version 1.2.7


Upgrading from Version 1.2.x

Just replace the Nebulae.jar file and restart the server. Please make sure the server process is restarted at the OS level and not through system.server.restart, in order to guarantee that the new .jar file is loaded.

There may also be newer directives available at Nebulae.cfg, including StartupMovies and configurable message and login queues, depending on the version of Nebulae you are upgrading from. You may want to study the new Nebulae.cfg file to see if the new directives are useful for your multiuser applications. It is however possible to continue using your existing Nebulae.cfg file without any changes, and the server will automatically use default values for the new options if they are not specified. Database files are compatible and will be automatically used.

Upgrading from Version 1.1

Version 1.2 of Nebulae MultiUserServer is compatible with databases, movies and server side script classes createdfor version 1.1.

This version however requires Java 2, so make sure you have at least Java Development Kit 1.2 installed. Machines with JDK 1.1.8 will no longer be able to run Nebulae.

The Hypersonic database engine classes previously resided in a separate hsqldb.jar file. In version 1.2 the database classes have been incorporated into the Nebulae.jar file. So you should delete the hsqldb.jar file delivered with Nebulae 1.1, as it is no longer needed and may conflict with the new classes.

The new .cfg files contain additional directives to support new features in version 1.2. However, it is still possible to use existing .cfg files from version 1.1 tranparently, and the new functionality will automatically be available with default values.

You may need to alter the Nebulae startup scripts, however. Please consult the updated documentation that ships with version 1.2 for more information. You may need to change the path to the java executable (if you were previously running JDK 1.1.8), and also remove the hsqldb.jar file from the classpath argument, as it is no longer needed.

As a standard precaution please make a backup of your existing installation including database and configuration files before you upgrade. To install version 1.2 just stop the server and replace the Nebulae.jar file with the updated version. Database, server side scripts and config files will continue to work transparently after the server is restarted.


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